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2016 New Producer Program Announcement!


July 20, 2016

The New Producer Program draw date was originally scheduled for July 27, 2016; however, it is being delayed. We are aiming to reschedule the draw to September 2016.

The reason for the delay is that once the eligibility letters were sent, applicants that were not successful had 30 days to formally appeal the committee’s decision to the BC Egg Marketing Board (BCEMB). Once BCEMB completes this formal review process, applicants have an additional 30 days to appeal BCEMB’s secondary ruling with the BC Farm Industry Review Board (please see this page for further information).

At this time, BCEMB is reviewing eleven requests submitted by applicants and until this process is complete we cannot finalize the draw pool. We recognize this delay was not planned and would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The website will be updated and eligible applicants will be informed once a draw date is set.


The New Producer Program will provide opportunities in four draw categories:

Outside the Lower Mainland Region (3 Opportunities)
Terrace Area (1 Opportunity)
Small Lot Program Permit Holders (4 Opportunities)
Any Region (4 Opportunities)

All applications have now been reviewed and scored by our panel of experts.  A breakdown of the total applications received and the eligibility pool in each region can be seen here.


The BCEMB intends to complete the 2016 New Producer Draw according to the following timeline:

Task Description Start Date Status
1 Submit to BC FIRB for review and approval December 14, 2015 Complete
2 Receive FIRB Approval March 1, 2016 Complete
3 Advertise Notice of NPP & Acceptance Applications April 1-29, 2016 Complete
4 Screen NPP Applicants May 1-15, 2016 Complete
5 NPP Review Panel Rating May 18-31, 2016 Complete
6 Notification of Eligible Applicants June 10-July 11, 2016 Complete
7 Receive Performance Deposits June 10-July 11, 2016 Complete
8 Finalize list for Eligible Applicants for draw July 12-15, 2016 Current
9 Notification of not recommended applicants July 18-21,2016 Current
10 NPP Random Draw September 2016 --
11 NPP winners posted on BCEMB public site September 2016 --

Selected applicants will be placed on a wait list in the order that they are drawn and will have the opportunity to establish Independent Egg Production Units from 2017 – 2020 and receive allocations of up to 3,000 units of layer quota.

A comprehensive review and selection process has been established that will result in Eligible Applications that score above 75 points being recommended to the Board for entry into the random draws of Eligible Applications for each restriction category.  The process for identifying Eligible Applications and allotting licences is set out in Schedule 1 of the British Columbia Egg Marketing Board Consolidated Order New Producer Program Rules.

The deadline for application was 4:00 PM, Friday, April 29, 2016.  For further information contact:  Harvey Sasaki, Program Administrator via email at


Small Lot Program

The Small Lot Program is no longer accepting applications.

New Producer Program (NPP):

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Other Programs

National Quota Exchange:
The Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) runs a National Quota Exchange to facilitate inter-provincial movement of quota through any of the six exchanges that occur throughout the year. However, registered egg producers and new entrant applicants within B.C. typically acquire egg layer quota through the B.C. Provincial Egg Quota Exchange.

Provincial & Federal Acts relating to egg production

Organic & Specialty Certification

Egg layer quota must be obtained from BC Egg for the production of all specialty eggs (including organic certified) if the registered producer has more than 99 egg laying hens (“layers”).

BC Egg - Specialty Review

Canada National Organic Standards - September 2006

Canada Agricultural Products Act - Gazette II; December 2006

Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC)